Welcome to Scandinavian Co-Op

Kansas City's Construction and Invention Incubator is 2401 Summit - just west of the Crossroads.

Our Incubator platform provides the infrastructure needed for small and startup businesses to take ideas from the drawing board into reality.

Our facility offers spaces for designing and collaboration. Our environment is conducive to many types of workflows and we ensure that productive creativity is priority. Our accounting team is available to take care of basic bookkeeping. All of our resources are leveraged by the group to be as strong as possible.

Redlef LLC Residential construction, licensed general contractors, Section 3 Business Concern, Minority Business Enterprise, Lead RRP, and certified energy auditor through Building Performance Institute. Portfolio of over 40 built homes including energy star and one LEED platinum.
Ameret LLC offers a range of specialty soil and water remediation products, each remediation product been specifically designed for environmental applications with an emphasis on performance, cost-effectiveness, ease of use and environmental safety. Brainchild of Charlie Chick.
Trivol Flame Shield products are fire retardants for woods. These products can be used in apartments, assisted-living facilities, churches, hotels, office buildings, restaurants, schools, theaters, medical facilities, plus commercial and residential constructions - our products save lives and property and can be used virtually anywhere.
Hardscape Design and Construction has been the backbone of our operation and has given us the platform from which to launch our Co-Op. Strategic alignment between our construction business and our other ventures is the key element. Hardscape construction creates job opportunities and our model emphasizes skills training. We are on the leading edge of the field with modern and proprietary construction techniques, permeable paving, living walls, and water reclamation.
Heartland Vac Service LLC is a family owned and operated pumping company serving the Greater Kansas City area. We focus on non-hazardous industrial liquid waste management.
Kerne Energy, Inc is a solar energy project to provide innovative long-term storage capabilities to the residential and agricultural markets.
Inventive Ideas, Inc. is a Kansas City, Missouri based company founded in August, 2000, with the launch of it's first consumer product, the SportsShade fully retractable canopy awning. Since that time, the company has invented, launched and invested in a variety on consumer product invention and business start-ups from early stage entrepreneurs.
Mark Ross' M-Right Design Web and product designs including Paperhooks hang cards, pictures, artwork, and more. With no holes. Numerous uses in schools, at the office, and at home.
No-Where Consultants LLC - Leveraging Technology to Solve Business Problems.
E & M Sales Distributor of Malco Automotive Care Products
Sue Adams local artist and painter working with raw canvas-with mixed media : acrylic, oil pencil, spray paint, and gold and silver leaf

Growing Efforts:

  • Permeable Paving and Water Reclamation
  • Job training and workforce reentry 501(c)(3) Beyond the Convictions
  • Integration with Launch KC
  • Grant Writing
  • Loan Guarantee Fund