About Henrik

Henrik, the oldest of five siblings, was born on a dairy farm in Denmark.  This was a perfect environment for learning through chores and the active participation in all aspects of farming and operating a 3+ acre garden.  After his confirmation, Henrik’s family moved from his birth home and started cultivating a new 1 1/2 acre landscape – a new and smaller paradise was created.

When Henrik was 15, his father died, and shortly after, Henrik started working after school in a grocery store.  During weekends and in the summer, Henrik began constructing patios.  At the ripe old age of 19, he started his first full-time landscape construction business specializing in Hardscape.

Henrik and his family moved from Denmark to Kansas City in 1988.  Scandinavian Pave was created, and Kansas City started receiving a special flair for color-design and quality in Hardscape.

Over the years, scores of projects have been completed throughout the metro area and beyond.  For your in-depth consultation, please email Henrik at scancoop@yahoo.com or call him at 913-206-1738.

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